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Prince Harry

Third in line for the throne.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry


Prince Harry Biography From Aol:

Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales (popularly known as Prince Harry) was born on September 15, 1984, at St. Mary's Hospital in London. With their second son's birth, the Prince and Princess of Wales had fulfilled their dynastic duty of producing an heir to the British throne, William, and a spare, Harry.

As a young child Harry was described as quiet and reserved as compared to his then-rambunctious, outgoing older brsother Wills. However as each matured the character roles reversed, withWilliam becoming the more shy and reflective of the two while Harry grew up to be friendly and charismatic.

Harry did follow in his elder brother's education footsteps, enrolling at Mr. Mynor's Nursery in 1987, followed by Wetherby's from 1989-1992. He then moved onto Ludgrove in Workinham, London, where he struggled in many of his academic classes, one year failing all his credits except for sport. He was promptly characterized by the media as "less academic" than William, but after repeating his last year at Ludgrove Harry passed the challenging college entrance exams of Eton College where he joined William in September 1997.

Harry started Eton just after the first anniversary of his mother's death. Still, on enrollment day the young prince stepped forward in high spirits, his father Prince Charles at his side, to enter his name into the school register. It was the same book that his brother had signed on the wrong line in 1995. "Sign in the right place," Charles reminded him. Cheekily, Harry shot back, "Shut up."

Being the second son, it is expected that Prince Harry will live in the shadow of his older brother. However, history shows that some second sons including Henry VIII, George V and George VI all succeeded to the British throne. What does the future hold for Harry?

Prince Harry

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Prince Harry